New Design! – St Petersburg Ombre Cuff Bracelet

My lovely friends, hello!

I have been so excited to share this bracelet design with you guys, omg. My newest pattern has been posted for about a week now and the reception has been pretty damn good!


Click the photo to get to the pattern! <3


So, cards on the table, I was NOT originally planning to make this bracelet into a written pattern. I made the Picasso version one weekend because I realized that I hadn’t done any St Petersburg stitch in a LONG time and I wanted to make sure I remembered it. I poured out all the Picasso 11/0’s I had and made them into a rough rainbow gradient and went to town!


I had an absolute blast and took it to my LBS (Beaded Bliss) at our weekly beading night and my beady friends kinda lost their minds? I told them all that it was just three rows of double St Petersburg stitch, but they insisted that I write a pattern and teach a class. I was more than happy to oblige, though I will admit a bit of hesitation. I thought it was maybe a bit simple for a pattern – because it really is just one stitch.


So, let me say this – if you already know St Petersburg stitch, just skip this one. I don’t own the stitch by any means and there are SO many free tutorials online. In fact, I think there was even a three-row Double St Petersburg bracelet in a Bead and Button book a few years back (I wasn’t able to find it, but I’m fairly sure it was called “What’s the Buzz?” or something like that).

This is just my version of a common stitch. If you want to know exactly how I do it, from beginning to end, including how I do the clasp ends and how I prefer to manage things so I don’t need to add thread – this pattern is for you. If you already know St Petersburg, skip this one! You’re already good! :)


Anyway, back to the fun stuff. Since I wasn’t planning on making it into a pattern, I wasn’t very careful to use materials that everyone could easily get. The clasp was no longer listed when I first put out the pattern, but I managed to get a hold of Melinda Orr (Bandana Girl) from Orrtec on Etsy and she has relisted them just for us! You can get yours here! Mine was a 27mm with three holes in Pattern #5 with the wine-colored dye, but she has SO MANY beautiful options. Go nuts!


For this second version that I made in sunset colors (these colors may look a little familiar, eh?), I used three sets of snap clasps, which you can find just about anywhere, and which you already know I LOVE.

The colors are listed in the pattern. The Picasso one has ten colors and the Sunset Ombre has nine, so they are both pretty extensive lists – just a fair warning. I have gotten lots of people asking about where to get the beads and, to be honest, there’s a lot of beads, so you’re odds of finding every color in one place is a little low. Don’t be afraid to make some substitutions!


I mostly get my beads at Beads Direct USA, because I work there. We do carry all the 11/0’s that I used in the two samples and there’s actually some combo packs that have a fair portion of the beads I used (Combo 3 and Combo 13, specifically). Neither of them have ALL the colors I used, but they’re a good deal and will get most of the colors you need.


Also, Cathy from Beaded Bliss has swooped in to save the day. I don’t make or sell kits, but she does and is planning on making seed bead packs for BOTH sample bracelets. And she’s willing to ship to the USA – so if you wanna skip the bead hunt and wanna get all your seed beads at once, give her a holler and she’ll help you out!

Overall, I am really happy with this bracelet and hope everyone enjoys the opportunity to experiment with St Petersburg stitch. It was really fun to teach and I hope the pattern is nice and clear. I think i wanna do one in an ocean ombre. What do you guys think?



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16 Responses to New Design! – St Petersburg Ombre Cuff Bracelet

  1. Liz Browning Fox says:

    Looks beautiful to me. I’ll go for it, because I haven’t tried St. Petersburg stitch before, and because I have a lot of “gifted” beads that I don’t feel comfortable using in precision designs. They are lovely colors, but need a fair amount of culling. This looks like a very forgiving design.

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    • samwescott says:

      Oh, yes! I forgot to mention that, but you’re totally right. You can definitely use your less-perfect brands and not have to worry about culling so much. It’s a forgiving stitch that doesn’t build on itself very much, so wonky beads won’t effect the design much at all. <3


  2. Sandra Rich says:

    Clicked on every photo and nothing happened


  3. Lyn Winch says:

    Tried to download pattern but nothing happened


  4. dougannspalding says:

    You offer this pattern and the directions say to click on the picture to get the pdf download, but it doesn’t work. Please direct me to the pattern.

    Thank you,
    Carole Spalding



  5. Cathy Feist says:

    Another fun class with you at Beaded Bliss and a great refresher on SPS! It had been years since I did the stitch and while it’s a weird thread path connecting the double chevrons is where your guidance is most needed! It’s great to see such a beautiful bracelet made with just seed beads; newer beaders who have only seen all the 2 hole bead projects of the last few years will appreciate getting back to the basics! I did get kits assembled in both colorways and have the leather snap clasp available in 6 colors too. Thanks Sam for another great pattern!

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  6. Jane K Slater says:

    These directions were spot on. Very satisfying to do the pattern and it was great as indicated above to do something with just seed beads. I love it!


  7. This is so beautiful and creative. Thanks for sharing.


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