Happy 26th Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday, everybody! I had all these grand plans to have a 26% off sale – because I am turning 26 today and it would have been adorable. But Etsy is only allowing sales with percentages in multiples of 5 now, so…

Birthday2018 copy

(Didja like my cheesy ad photo?)

Yep! Everything is 30% off, but only for today! So, hurry up and do some buying while the sale is hot. You can hold a hot dog in one hand and shop online with the other, right? I’m gonna go enjoy my fireworks, but you better get your shopping on! :D

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5 Responses to Happy 26th Birthday to Me!

  1. Carrie Schudi says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Sam! I’ve only recently signed up for your newsletter and have enjoyed every issue. You are a very talented young lady. Keep making beautiful and inspiring jewelry. Hope your day is nothing short of amazing!


  2. Annette Fohl says:

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful and talented lady.


  3. Kathleen Ann Finan says:

    Have a Happy, Happy Birthday. Enjoy


  4. NANCY HEATH says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day today.


  5. Pi_Pasternak says:

    Have a fab day 😘


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