Throwback Thursday?

So, I am slightly altering the meaning of Throwback Thursday so that it isn’t about posting embarrassing photos of myself on Facebook. (Besides, I have two younger sisters who will do that for me). Instead, I wanted to post a few updates on old blog entries.

First – a throwback to Tweaked Version of SuperDuo Knit Herringbone Bracelet.

In that post, I explained a few tweaks I made to Potomac Bead Company’s YouTube video explaining their SuperDuo Knit Herringbone Bracelet. I showed you two versions of the bracelet that I had made with my tweaks, but since then, I have made a big holiday cuff!

DSC00403 DSC00404     DSC00406

This cuff is five strips of herringbone wide and in muted holiday colors. Picasso red, metallic dark green, copper… All those nice woodsy colors. I really love how this one turned out.

Second – a throwback to In Which Sam Makes a Mistake

Oy. Was that really back in June? Anyway, in that post I explain how I screwed up purchasing Fireline online and accidentally obtained 20lb Fireline. I used some 4mm Miyuki Cubes in that post, but that project definitely didn’t use up the whole reel, so I still have lots to experiment with.

I did figure out that 20lb Fireline works well with 8/0 Hex Beads!


DSC00401 DSC00400


The only problem I had with this cuff was in figuring out the clasp. The Fireline was so thick that the beads at the beginning and end of the cuff were so stuffed with thread that I could not sew on a clasp! Eventually, I found some ribbon clamps and with copious amounts of glue and careful clamping, I managed to make a pretty clean finish. I am pleased!

So, those are my two throwbacks for this Thursday. My posts should get a bit more regular after the holidays. I’m sure you all understand. I may even have a free tutorial floating around the back of my head. Stay tuned to find out!


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4 Responses to Throwback Thursday?

  1. Pat Jardine says:

    I have made 3 bracelets from your tweaked version. Love them and so do the people I made them for. Don’t know if that is grammatically correct but I,’m sure you understand. Thankyou. P Jardine


  2. Pat Jardine says:

    Love your posts. Nice to know even the experts are fallible sometimes. Where I screw up a lot but motor on. P Jardine


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